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Dan DiDio

Dan DiDio

October 24, 1959

December 31, 1969

New York, NY

United States

Previously the Senior Vice President/Executive Editor of DC Comics. Received the Wizard magazine "Man of the Year" award for 2003 for his work on the DC lineup. He started in 2002 and is currently Co-Publisher along side Jim Lee. He is also a writer.

Created Characters:

Getting his start in daytime soap operas on television, DiDio later became credited with reviving the DC universe starting back in 2002 when he became vice president of editorial. The following year, DiDio got the first "Man of the Year" award from Wizard Magazine for his work in revitalizing the DC lineup. In 2011, along side Jim Lee and Geoff Johns (as creative consultant) DiDio lead the "new 52" relaunch of all the DC titles including Justice League #1 which hit a recent record of 200,000+ copies being requested by comic book stores nationwide and has gone to a fourth printing. DiDio has taken the stage and he has definitely filled the shoes of editors of DC's past such as Whitney Ellsworth, Carmine Infantino, Paul Levitz, Jack Schiff and Denny O'Neil.

Also a writer in the DC universe. Prior to DC DiDio was a writer and producer for MainFrame Entertainment. The Yearlong Maxi-Series "52" was a project he oversaw . And on Feb 18th 2010 he became the co-publisher along with Jim Lee of DC Comics.

As well as executive jobs, DiDio has also written comics such as Superboy, The Outsiders, OMAC and various specials.

In 2012, he briefly teamed up with longtime Superman artist Jerry Ordway to create the second "DC Universe Presents" arc, a new take on Challengers of the Unknown, a team which was created by the legendary Jack Kirby.

DC Comics announced that they would be introducing four new ongoing series in September 2012 as a part of the New 52's Third Wave, within that announcement DiDio was revealed to be writing " The Phantom Stranger" with Brent Anderson as artist. He later began co-writing the series with DC Comics veteran J.M. DeMatteis with issue four, and eventually relinquished writing duties following issue eight.



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