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Batman Clone

Batman Clone

Clone of Batman created by Darkseid. Also the "Black Lantern" Batman.

DC Comics


How to Murder the Earth #6


Black Lantern Batman "Bruce Wayne"



The Bruce Wayne or Batman clones were created by the despotic and self proclaimed god of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid. Though Darkseid was much more a villain of Superman, he had the DNA of Bruce Wayne stolen by Mokkari, who was holding Batman captive. in order to make an army of men that had both the physical attributes and the drive of Bruce Wayne.


Final Crisis #6 (Jan 2009)
Final Crisis #6 (Jan 2009)

The Batman Clone is a character from the DC Comics series that first appears in the crossover event, Final Crisis. The story was written by Grant Morrison. The clone's first appeared first appeared in Final Crisis #6 "How to murder the Earth".

Major Story Arcs

Final Crisis Arc

Darkseid went so far as to enlist the talents one of Granny Goodness' prodigies, The Lump, as part of the plot to create the Wayne clones. Lump used his abilities to steal the memories of Bruce and implant them into the clones. The real Bruce fought the best he could against this invasion, but once he learned the purpose was to implant these thoughts into a DNA clone army. Bruce stopped fighting and gave his memories to the clones. So much sorrow and stress was transferred to the clones so fast that all died due to the psychological stress of it all. Darkseid ordered for all of the clones to be destroyed. All but one.

Superman finds the body he thinks is Batman
Superman finds the body he thinks is Batman

Free of his captivity, Bruce Wayne use the Radion bullet that had killed Orion. Bruce used that same bullet to shot Darkseid in the chest. Darkseid retaliated with his own weapons the Omega Beam. These beams had thought to of killed Bruce Wayne. In the rubble of the battle it was Superman who reclaimed what he believed to be the body of Bruce. Superman had used his x-ray vision to identify the bone marrow of the charred corpse. In fact, this was the body of one of the many clones that had died. Everyone had believed the true Batman to be dead and this body was buried in the belief that it was Bruce Wayne's true body. This body was placed in an unmarked grave.

Blackest Night Arc

The skull of the Bruce Wayne clone was stolen from the grave by Black Hand. The body had been resurrected by the powers of the Black Rings during the Blackest Night story arc. The identity of this body began to be finally questioned when the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, noticed that this person never seemed to react when anyone referred to him as Bruce.

The Return of Bruce Wayne Arc

Out of desperation, the original Robin, Dick Grayson, had planned to take the corpse to one of the Lazarus Pits of one of Batman's greatest foes, Ra's al Ghul. These pits could revive the corpse and return Batman to Gotham and the world. The very action he had denied another holder of the Robin title, Tim Drake, who had wanted to revive his father using the same pit. He was being assisted by Batwoman, Knight, and Squire. Dick had no idea the mistake he was making with the body he took.

The clone revived
The clone revived

The body was revived, and the first action it took was to attack Dick. At first this rage is mistaken as a natural side effect of resurrection. Even with the assistance of Batwoman. The cloned and revived Bruce fights off and manages to escape. Using the Batplane the clone makes it to Wayne Manor and is greeted by Alfred who mistakes him for the true Bruce Wayne. The clone attacks him as well and it was thought to be dead.

Both Damian, the biological son of Bruce Wayne; and Dick had to team up to defeat the ravages of this clone. It's revealed that the clone of Bruce can speak, but his manner and tone were completely off for the personality. His mind and memories are a jumble of what were intended. After a hard battle, the clone is eventually defeated. With the clone no more. The search for the true Bruce Wayne truly begins.

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