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Dawn Granger

Dawn Granger

The current avatar of peace, also known as Dove and partner to Hank Hall, the avatar of war (Hawk).

DC Comics



Avatar of Peace Dawn Granger Dawn Marie Granger Dove


Current Events

After a short run in a new series launched after the new 52 at DC Comics, the duo still partnered together. Their series was cancelled with the first wave of cancellations for the 52 titles at issue #8.


The Avatar of Peace
The Avatar of Peace

Dawn is the second character to personify the avatar of peace after Don Hall. In their crime-fighting career together, Hank and Don were an effective team up until Don’s death, at which point Hank started to work alone. On one such case, he discovered Dawn. He was initially hostile towards her, attacking her so that she would stop impersonating his dead brother. Soon however their roles were explained to them by the Lords of Order and Chaos and they formed an uneasy but productive alliance.


Dawn was designed as a replacement for Don Hall as the counterpart to Hank Hall in the superhero duo of Hawk and Dove. Her first appearance was in a miniseries of the same name. She was created by Karl and Barbara Kesel and Rob Liefield.

Character Evolution

Exemplifying the role of peace, throughout her superhero career she has been the more logical counterpart to Hank, who is not always happy with her role as his partner. Her character development was somewhat restricted as the duo failed to maintain any longstanding series, but she has appeared often as a background or secondary character in the DC Universe.

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The duo of Hank and Dove has gone through a wide range of changes in the DC universe as they change between major and minor characters. The concept of a series for the two characters have consistently been pushed by the publishers at DC, though long term success has never been achieved by the duo. This has led to many developments among the characters over the years of their publication with the interest of developing more interest in the two characters. One of these developments could be considered to be the introduction of Dawn as a character, to replace the male counterpart of the previous Dove. Nonetheless the two characters continue to be popular enough among fans that a series is often hinted at, though they tend to have a truer representation of their characters and abilities while being featured in their own series as opposed to being relegated to background status where they are often marginalized.

Major Story Arcs

Dawn’s early stories were all tied closely to those of Hank. In their first adventure together they battled Kestrel, who would be one of their more consistent foes.

The first major story she and Hank took part in was Armageddon 2001 and Zero Hour. In Armageddon 2001 a time traveler from the future, Waverider, travels to the past to find the hero who would be corrupted into the villain known as Monarch. Eventually he discovers that Captain Atom will become this villain, but upon discovering this Monarch is freed from the time-stream and murders Dawn in front of Hank. Hank becomes enraged and kills Monarch to find out that it is Hank that will become Monarch. Due to the psychological stress, Hank dons the armour and becomes the villainous would-be-emperor. He would later take on the persona of Extant after killing Waverider and stealing his powers. He later attacks the Justice Society and even kills two of its members before being stopped.

Dawn is later revealed to have not died but rather that her supposed death was part of an elaborate hoax by the sorcerer Mordru. Hank Hall’s insanity was also caused by the sorcerer. Dawn soon joins her sister Holly Granger who had become the third Hawk as reserve members of the Teen Titans. She goes on a few missions with the team especially after Cyborg is forced to populate the team with younger members.

Dove from Blackest Night
Dove from Blackest Night

Dawn plays a relatively important role during the events of Blackest Night. Here Holly and Dawn are confronted by a resurrected Hank who has been possessed by the black power ring of the Black Lantern Corps. Hank is able to kill Holly and she is animated as well as a Black Lantern, and Dawn retreats knowing she cannot beat both alone. Retreating to Titans Tower she finds that it has been overrun by even more Black Lanterns. When the Black Lanterns catch up to her they try to remove her heart as well. Doing so reveals a great light within Dawn which frees Holly from the ring and which she uses to destroy the other Black Lanterns except for Terra, Tempest and Hawk. She passes out afterwards and has a vision of Don, who tells her that his brother can still be saved. She later joins the majority of the Earth’s heroes in the battle against the Black Lantern Corps in Coast City. Although her powers are effective for a short time against the Black Lanterns, they are soon drawn out of her and stored in the Black Lantern’s Power Battery, of which the Anti-Monitor was trapped inside. After the heroes are victorious, Hank is brought back to life and the two continue in their adventures together.During the events of Brightest Day Dawn starts to worry about Hank’s behavior since his resurrection, as he is more violent than previous. Deadman contacts the two heroes and Hank uses his mystical ability to try to resurrect Don, which ultimately fails. They briefly discuss the idea to resurrect Holly, but decide against it. The three heroes are summoned to New Mexico where it is revealed that the Entity requires a new host and the three travel together hoping to find one. In so doing Dawn and Deadman realize they have feelings for one another. The two heroes are also soon recruited into the Birds of Prey by Lady Blackhawk. They are later called to Star City to protect the White Lantern Tree which become the foundation for the new Parliament of Trees.

Dove and Deadman
Dove and Deadman

Since the reboot into the new 52 it is not yet clear how much of the character histories remains, however, Dawn is still in a relationship with Deadman.

Dawn Granger's origin is slightly different. She was dating Don Hall early in his carreer as the original Dove. A masked gunman shoots Dove and the Dove Avatar chooses Dawn as a short-term successor. Dawn as the new Dove defeats the assailant and the Avatar goes back to Don and he awakes unaware of what has happened. Don dies from injuries that he sustained from saving two small children from a burning building. Dawn is given the news when she returns from overseas and she will later become the new Dove chosen by the avatar.

Powers and Abilities

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When she manifest the avatar of peace and becomes Dove, Dawn has enhanced intelligence and compassion as well as enhanced strength, the ability to fly and a danger sense. At one point after being lured to Druspa Tau, the home of the lords of Order and Chaos, it was revealed that they could take off their costumes while still in powered form. Underneath were bird like creatures. This experience also increased their powers. It is unlikely however that this ability to turn into a bird like creature is a canonical power. Despite being the avatar of peace, Dawn is not averse to violence. However, in her battles she retains a cooler mind and seeks to find more peaceful solutions as opposed to her partner. Dove also has the ability to project bright, white lights. In the Blackest Night story act, she was the only character who was able to hurt the black lanterns apart from the white lanterns. She can see and talk to the dead as she was able to see Deadman and even dated him for awhile. She is a very adept fighter, being able to take on bigger oponents. she usually fight defensesly by using the oponents' own strenght against them.


Despite being a fairly prominent heroine in the DC universe, Dove is generally portrayed in a fairly conservative manner both in her costume and her attitude. Her appearance pays homage to her role as the avatar of peace, a role which requires a certain level of innocence on her part.

Personal Data

Dove, Dawn Granger
Dove, Dawn Granger
  • Real Name: Dawn Marie Granger
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: White


  • Nationality: American
  • Place of Birth: unrevealed
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Occupation: Titans East, Hawk and Dove
  • Known Relatives: Holly Granger (sister, Dead), Marie Granger (mother), Russ Granger (father)

Other Media


DC Super Hero Girls

Dove in DC Super Hero Girls
Dove in DC Super Hero Girls

Dove appears as a background character in the web series.

DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Dove inb DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High
Dove inb DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Dove is a background character in the film. She has no lines in the movie.

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Dove in Hero of the Year
Dove in Hero of the Year

Dove is a background character in the film. She has no lines in the movie.

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

Dove in DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games
Dove in DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

Once again, Dove appears as a background character in the film (as a student of Super Hero School High), making cameos during the movie. She has no speaking lines.

Live Action

Dove from Titans
Dove from Titans

Dove, Dawn Granger is set to appear in the upcoming DC show called Titans. She will appear alongside her partner, Hawk. Minka Kelly is cast to play her.

Dawn Granger Teams

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