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Graf Toren

Graf Toren

Green Lantern of Space Sector 424

DC Comics


Yesterday's Sins 1 of 4: Back in the Days #11


Green Lantern of Sector 424


Green Lantern
Status: Active
Space Sector: 424
Sector Partner: Vode-M
Homeworld: Karax
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Inapplicable


Graf is a Karaxian Light Monk, devoting as much of his life studying the ways of the light as he does striving to defeat the Spider Guild. He is skilled in ancient texts and universal history. Thought killed by Parallax, Graf Toren was found being held in stasis on the Manhunter homeworld of Biot and set free. It is well known that the price put on the head of Graf Torren by the Spider Guild exceeds every other known price on a Green Lantern. Graf weaves his constructs much like the Spider Guild weaves their webs.

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