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Carter Hall, now infused with the mysterious Nth Metal, is granted flight, strength and a living armor. He battles dangerous threats, both alien and mystical, as the savage Hawkman.

DC Comics


Origin of the Flash #1


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The original Hawkman was Carter Hall, he was a reincarnation of an Ancient Egyptian prince named Khufu. He discovered that the "ninth metal" could negate the effects of gravity, allowing him to fly. Carter decided to fight crime with his new found ability, so he created a costume which had large wings to help himself control his flight powers in the air. Since Hall was an archaeologist and historian in his everyday life, he took medieval weapons from the museum he worked at to help his fight for justice.


Hawkman was created by Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville. Hawkman's first appearance was in January of 1940 in Flash Comics #1 which was published by All-American Publications.

Character Evolution

Golden Age: Earth-Two

Carter Hall (Golden Age)
Carter Hall (Golden Age)

Hawkman was created by Gardner Fox during the Golden Age. In 1940, Hawkman appeared in Flash Comics #1. The Golden Age Hawkman was Carter Hall, an archaeologist who discovered a dagger with a crystal blade. He falls into an unconscious state and starts dreaming of himself as the ancient Egyptian prince Khufu. Khufu was opposed by Hath-Set, a priest of the hawk-god Anubis. Hath-Set captured Khufu and his spouse, Shiera, then had them sacrificed using the crystal blade, and Khufu swore he would come back and take revenge. He awakes and takes a walk to think through what had happened.

On the way, he runs into a woman he recognizes, who is the reincarnation of Shiera. She proves it by telling him that she too has had strange visions. Because they met due to a subway disaster, he decides to investigate into the matter. He takes Shiera home and dons his costume. He also mysteriously knows about the "Nth Metal" which has anti-gravitational properties.

Hawkman became more popular as his character was fresh. Also, plagiarism was perhaps encouraged as there was a resemblance between Hawkman and a race called Hawk-people in the Flash Gordon comics. During All-Star Comics, Hawkman made appearances and with All-Star Comics #3, he was showcased with the Justice Society of America. With All-Star Comics #8, he became chairman. Sheldon Moldoff also made Hawkman a more popular character with his new style, bringing in much detail in his drawings. Shiera Sanders also became a prominent character, discovering Carter Hall's secret and saving him from time to time. In Flash Comics #24, she became Hawkgirl and fought alongside Hawkman.

From time to time Hawkman relied on a real hawk named Big Red when solving crimes. Sheldon Moldoff was replaced by Joe Kubert and decreased the amount of detail in his depictions of Hawkman. Flash Comics was canceled in Flash Comics #104, but he would continue appearing in All-Star Comics. Ironically enough, his long stay was due to the lack of his popularity. Usually, when a character got their own title, they were replaced by other characters. It seems as if Hawkman was popular enough to be liked, but not popular enough to gain his own series. In 1951, however, it seemed as if Hawkman had disappeared for good.

Silver Age: Earth-One

Katar Hol (Silver Age)
Katar Hol (Silver Age)

In the Silver Age, changes came to Hawkman at the behest of Julius Schwartz, debuting in the The Brave and the Bold #34. Artist Joe Kubert also had influence on the character in this era. This Silver Age Hawkman was quite similar to the Golden Age version in his appearance, powers, and methodology. His origin was changed, and his new identity was that of Katar Hol, a member of the winged police force on Thanagar. Unlike other character reinventions of the same era, his suit went largely unchanged. “Ninth Metal” was now called “Nth Metal.” After the Crisis, DC editors did not want to confuse readers with the co-existing characters. They decided to end the Justice Society in Last Days of the Justice Society, which saw them placed into a limbo where they fought off Ragnarok. Thus, Carter and Shiera Hall from the Golden Age were gone. The Silver Age versions carried on for a few years before being rebooted themselves in Hawkworld.

Modern Age: New Earth

Katar Hol

Katar Hol (New Earth)
Katar Hol (New Earth)

Hawkworld was released in 1989 and illustrated by Tim Truman. There was a darker feel to the subject matter, dealing with societal corruption, racism, and imperialism. The costumes were redesigned somewhat, with most of the Thanagarian's wings now made of metal. Drug addiction was also addressed with the new Katar Hol being dependent on them early in the story. His personality was portrayed with more of an existential bent, although his character arc still lead him back towards heroism. Because of the gap between the Crisis and Hawkworld, there was not a clean break from the Silver Age tales, so it was revealed that the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman had served in the JLA and JSA, and was actually Fel Andar, a separate character. Sharon Hall, a woman on Earth was the old Hawkgirl. When the original Hawkman and Hawkwoman came back, Fel Andar went back to Thanagar and Sharon Hall was murdered to cover up Andar’s tracks.

It solved the problem of Hawkman’s absence, but it was seen as unsatisfactory and confusing. This confusion would lead to a number of reboots over the next several years.

Hawk Avatar

Hawk Avatar (New Earth)
Hawk Avatar (New Earth)

The first of these spun out of Zero Hour. Hawkman gained a new series, but it went poorly, compounding the confusion of the previous series. A new convention of this version was the Hawk Avatar, a champion of the creatures in human form. Zero Hour combined the previous versions of Hawkman while largely retaining the appearance of Katar Hol. However, many readers thought that it confused rather than clarified. In the end, various Hawk Avatars were banished into the realm of Hawk God, and from continuity for several years.

Carter Hall

Carter Hall (New Earth)
Carter Hall (New Earth)

Hawkman’s return comes from Hawkgirl, when Zauriel, someone who has been discussed as the next Hawkman shows her Shiera has taken over Kendra’s body. Meanwhile, Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, finds out that from a Thanagarian ship, Nth Metal was discovered, and Thanagarians used it to mould artifacts, and one of them was the Claws of Horus. With the help of Black Adam, he returns to the present and tells the JSA that Hawkman is returning. Kendra meanwhile is flying through space when she ends up on Thanagar and learns of a demon called Onimar Synn who is ordering Thanagarian corpses to attack Thanagar. Kendra and her protectors go into hiding. Kendra then learns that the Nth Metal is “psycho-receptive” and that it responds to emotions.

She is then shown some history where Carter Hall meets Paran Katar and establishes a connection between Nth Metal being “psycho-receptive” and had granted Khufu the racial memories within the metal. Kendra asks why she is summoned to Thanagar and is told that she is to act as an emotional beacon for Hawkman. Then, from a bubbling pool comes Hawkman’s hand and it is Carter Hall, young again.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

Carter Hall (Earth 0)
Carter Hall (Earth 0)

In the New 52 relaunch Carter Hall is still Hawkman, and it seems to be expanding on the work done by Geoff Johns in JSA and Brightest Day, rather than completely rebooting. The Nth Metal is now a part of Carter's body, but his appearance is not greatly different than previous versions. Hawkman is being hunted down by Hawkwoman for killing her brother. The Thangarians were at war with an alien race called the Damonites. The poisoned the food at a banquet where the two races had decided to make a truce. The poison must have been air born and the plague that the Thangarians called it took their leader Emperor Provis. Corsar, the heir apparent, became power hunger and war crazy.

He placed the miners in jeopardy by opening up closed mines that were unstable. When the Nth metal was finally mined it chose Kator Hol. This was the final blow for Corsar's sanity and he attacked Kator. He struck an electric outlet and the feedback charred him to a burnt corpse. Shayera ran in and saw Kator over her brother's body and instantly believed he killed him, Kator escaped to Earth where he resided until Hawkwoman was able to locate him.He is teaming up with Green Arrow to stop from being extradited to Thanagar.

He is chosen as a member of the JLA by Amanda Waller to combat Aquaman of the Justice League. That series ends after the events of the Trinity War and Forever Evil. During Trinity War, Hawkman is seen fighting powerful foes like Shazam, Wonder Woman, and Frankenstein which really showcases his strength.

After those events he Joins the Justice League United and works along side the Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Green Arrow, and Animal Man. They uncover a plan by Bythe to create a child with multiple DNA strands from alien races to take over the universe. The threat was so great that the Legion of Superheroes comes back from the 31st century to land a hand to avoid the destruction of the universe. Hawkman plays an integral part in this storyline. He sacrifices himself to save a city from an explosion that could destroy a city. It seemingly kills him but the Nth metal in his blood revived him.

In the Futures End storyline he is again shown to die only to be revived by his Nth metal. Hawkman was a member of the JL United team until his death.

Death of Hawkman

After his adventures with the JLU a disillusioned Hawkman (Katar Hol) returned to Thanagar where he keep working as a cop. However the political climate between Thanagar and Rann would take him to join forces with Adam Strange again. Both discovered than Despero was collecting nth metal to conquer both planets. Hawkman sacrified himself to stop the tyrant. However Despero survived the attack but the thanagarian hero perished.

Major Story Arcs

Golden Age: Earth-Two

Hath-Set Reborn


Continuing with his investigation, he finds a large electric generator and encounters a man named Dr. Anton Hastor, who proves to be the reincarnation of Hath-Set. During their fight, they make a discovery about the Ninth Metal-–it does not conduct electricity as “ the base of...gravity.” Dr. Anton realizes that Hawkman is the reincarnation of Khufu, which meant that Shiera must have been reincarnated as well. Dr. Anton then uses a spell on lure Shiera to him, hoping to get to Hawkman through her. When Hawkman returns home, he finds that Shiera has disappeared and finds her in the lair of Dr. Anton, who is about to sacrifice Shiera by electrocuting her on an altar of Anubis. Hawkman throws a sheet of Ninth Metal that he brought along onto Shiera, shielding her from any damage. He then fires a crossbow into Dr. Anton.

Silver Age: Earth-One

Hawkman stay on Earth


The villain this time was a shape-shifter called Byth and the couple travel to Earth to stop him. Arriving on Earth, they meet a man called George Emmett, who believes their story and gives him and his wife clothes. He also sets up other things for Hawkman, including a job and an apartment. The both of them discover that they can communicate with birds, a side-effect of the "electronic" brain which they had implanted to learn the English language. With that knowledge, they start to use birds as spies and one bird manages to get a location on Byth. It turns out that Marvis Trent, the museum’s naturalist, had taken a picture with a Thanagarian bird in it. When Hawkman finds out, Byth transforms into a monster called a Brontadon. With the two maces taken from the museum from where Hawkman works, the two Hawks allow the Brontadon to swallow the hollowed out maces which contain sedatives. The monster eventually transforms back to his normal form. They send Byth back to Thanagar, but decide to stay on Earth, to study their policing studies.

Adam Strange & Hawkman

Adam Strange
Adam Strange

After The Brave and the Bold, they were transferred to Mystery in Space along with Adam Strange. Comparing Hawkman to Adam Strange, they were quite different even though they had many things in common. Adam Strange was also an archaeologist and worked in a museum. Hawkman was called “The Police of Two Worlds” while Strange was “The Man of Two Worlds”. They were opposites because of their planets and Hawkman’s adventures usually resided in the Northern Hemisphere while Strange’s was set in the Southern Hemisphere. Throughout the Silver Age, Marvis Trent flirted with Hawkman even though he was married. His villains weren’t great, but Shadow Thief was quite an exceptional villain, making occasional comebacks.

Golden Age Meet Silver Age

Justice Society of Earth-2
Justice Society of Earth-2

With the concept of multiple Earths, Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl returned and the Justice League and Justice Society met. Earth 2’s Carter and Shiera Hall had a child called Hector who would eventually become the Silver Scarab and then Doctor Fate. In 1964, Hawkman gained his own series and in the Justice League of America #31, Hawkman was inducted into the Justice League. During his time with the Justice League during the 1970s, comics became increasingly more political and Hawkman, who was traditionalist, had many arguments with the progressive Green Arrow.

In 1977, Hawkgirl changed her name to Hawkwoman in World's Finest Comics #272 and she demanded membership in the JLA. It was seen as reflecting the change in roles of gender.

The Shadow War of Hawkman


Thanagar also fought a war against Rann and because of that, Hawkman and Hawkwoman cut their ties with Thanagar. They came to a truce but Thangar turned its attention to Earth, planning to conquer it. Hawkman opposed the idea in The Shadow War of Hawkman in 1985. In this four part mini-series, Hawkwoman was murdered, but it turns out that Shayera was still alive. It was just that Marvis Trent was wearing Hawkwoman’s costume. The mini-series was successful and got his own special in 1986 and a second one, but that was canceled due to low sales.

Modern Age: New Earth

Katar Hol:

Katar Hol is Half-Human

Golden Age Hawkman & Hawkwoman are back
Golden Age Hawkman & Hawkwoman are back

DC then decided to bring back the Justice Society because it was free of complications before the reincarnations of many characters. In 1992's Armageddon: Inferno, Waverider, a time traveler, saved the Justice Society from their limbo universe, allowing them to battle against another enemy, Abraxis, and from there on, the Justice Society was brought back into the DC Universe. With that, they were allowed to bring Carter Hall and Shiera Hall from the Golden Age into Hawkworld. There, Paran Katar, Katar Hol's father, befriended Carter Hall during the 1930s and slipped him a quantity of Nth Metal, allowing Carter to design his own costume and execute that design. There on Earth, he also fell in love with a woman, and that woman gave birth to Katar Hol. It is discovered that he was half-human.

The Legend of the Hawkman

In the miniseries Legend of the Hawkman, Katar and Shayera are given cover identities at the Midway City Museum. At the museum, they hear of a Thanagarian gateway found in a cliff side by a group of archeologists in Tibet. As Hawkman and Hawkwoman they visit it and decipher the writing on the gateway, which tells a story of a Thangarian child named Thasaro. This child from Thanagar is told to be so evil that he threatened Thanagar's ancient gods and was banished into the urn that is now kept in the Thangarian gateway. Katar opens the urn and Thasaro is released from his prison. He attacks Hawkman and Hawkwoman but is subdued after Katar channels his aura into Shayera to give her the necessary power. The urn, now with Thasaro back in it, is sent to the Midway City Museum for Katar and Shayera to watch over. That night, mummies in the museum are reanimated and attack visiting archeologists. Katar suspects that the presence of the Thasaro caused them to reanimate and asks for Krandor Vat to take the urn back to Thanagar. The security sent by Vat to retrieve the urn is killed by Thanagar minister Kartez and his followers, who release Thasaro once more. Thasaro vows to destroy the earth in revenge for his defeat at the hands of Hawkman and Hawkwoman by sending birds to attack Midway City. On Thanagar, the Trinity tell Hawkman that he can only stop Thasaro by having faith in Shayera and their love. He does, and together they subdue Thasaro long enough for the Trinity to banish Thasaro once again.

Carter Hall:

Claws of Horus

Claws of Horus
Claws of Horus

Carter then puts on the Claws of Horus and as he does, a wave pushes a horde of corpses over. Carter thinks that Kendra is Shiera, but Kendra thinks differently. Atom-Smasher is then swallowed by Onimar Synn’s assistants Crypt and Phade. Onimar Synn then appears himself, disintegrating Sand Hawkins and flinging Black Adam. He then turns to Hawkman and Hawkgirl, electrocuting them. Hawkman, Hawkgirl and the rest of the JSA wake up in a prison. Onimar Synn then comes in and tells Hawkman and Hawkgirl about their death: walking off a plank and falling into the Plain of Bones. They are then pushed over become red dots in the distance. While falling, Carter asks Kendra if she trusts him. She says that she does and he breaks the rope free and flies ahead of her, killing the zombies below then catching her.

A sandstorm begins to form itself and Hawkman and Hawkgirl attack Phade. Onimar Synn then appears himself, sensing Hawkman’s presence. Black Adam has recovered from space and from a speed so fast, he tackles Onimar Synn right below the planet’s surface while Atom Smasher, still inside Crypt, tears him apart. The JSA also set themselves free in jail by exploiting Jay Garrick’s speed. Onimar Synn then reforms himself into a giant from the city and begins smashing at the JSA. Hawkman tells Hawkgirl that his new body is made of Nth Metal and that it contains the Claw of Horus. He tells her that their destiny is together.

Apparently, Kendra sees that as well and the both of them kiss. It seems to be working as Onimar Synn breaks down and explodes. After the explosion of Onimar Synn, Kendra in the end rejects him, saying that she needs to sort this all out and Carter approves passively. The Thanagarian resistance team then teleports the JSA back to Earth and Hawkman promises to return, choosing between two worlds.

Hawkman Returns To JSA

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He chose to return to the JSA but did not become chairman. A new series of Hawkman was also released with Hawkgirl as his co-star. The relationship between them two changed, however, as even though Kendra Saunders was the reincarnation of Shiera Hall, she could never see herself as Shiera, nor could she imagine the way that their relationship used to be. Eventually, Kendra expressed her wish not to enter into a relationship and Carter accepted. This Hawkman series was not a best seller but it lasted longer than any other Hawkman series. Confusion ran rampant amongst the readers as Hawkman was in too deep a storyline to participate in Countdown to Infinite Crisis. In addition, readers questioned whether Countdown preceded or followed The Rann-Thanagar War. Hawkman also appeared in the JSA and JLA “Crisis of Coincidence” storyline, and he was also killed off in his own series.

Golden Eagle

In this series, the old enemies of Hawkman join together with The Fadeaway Ma n forces and drug Hawkman and order him to beat Hawkgirl. She goes into a coma and Golden Eagle offers him help and also claims to be his son. The both of them fight against the villains, but Hawkman is killed off. A villain called Purple Pilgrim then attacks Hawkgirl in the hospital and Golden Eagle defends her. Purple Pilgrim escapes and Speed Saunders who is also there, try to tell Hawkgirl that Hawkman is dead. However, Hawkgirl hopes that Hawkman is in jail. Golden Eagle and Speed Saunders then explain that Hawkman was brainwashed and then tell her that he is dead. Hawkgirl says that Hath-Set can only kill Hawkman, but Golden Eagle says he was there.

Satana now controls the crime and she resides in The Lure, a club. Fadeaway Man then arrives and gives her the briefcase for the payment of the Hawkman job. He then says he refuses to sell the Cloak of Caligostro. At Stonecraft Museum, Hawkgirl regrets not being in a relationship with Hawkman and also discovers that Golden Eagle is Hawkman’s son, which confuses her. Purple Pilgrim attacks again and while Hawkgirl fights, Hawkman appears but the villain escapes. It turns out that Golden Eagle is now Hawkman and he tells his history.

He was an orphan called Charley Parker involved with crime when one day he attempted suicide when Hawkman saves him. Hawkman listens to the boy’s story and tells him to go see Carter Hall. When he does, he finds Adam Strange dropping off armour that would become Golden Eagle’s armour. One night, Charley found Hawkgirl hurt in the pursuit of Shadow Thief. Charley picked up a sword and fought the villain when Hawkman arrived to finish off the fight and take him to jail. Hawkman then reveals his identity to Charley and promises to train him and gives him the armour. Hawkman then leaves as a new curator was hired.

The Death

Who is Charley ?
Who is Charley ?

Charley then moved to California and joined the Teen Titans and also got tricked by Deathstroke. He almost died with Deathstroke’s mission, but the Nth metal healed him. Back to the present, Hawkgirl asks why Charley is wearing Hawkman’s armour and he replies that he wishes to lure out his father’s killers. It is proven since he took a blood sample from him when Hawkman died.

The New Hawkman

In the epilogue, Fadeaway Man visits Lion Mane where he pays Lion Mane the money for the Hawkman job. After Fadeaway Man leaves, Lion Mane smells something and goes outside to check it out. He tears through some African warriors and then is hit by an axe, over and over again with the new Hawkman, who is more vicious than the last one, demanding to know where Fadeaway Man can be found.

In St. Roch, the new Hawkman and Hawkgirl are looking for information from Santana when she stabs Hawkgirl in the shoulder and escapes. Meanwhile, on a Mediterranean island, a figure takes the Cloak of Caligostro and then beats the villain. In India, Marcia, another villain is encaged in a large cage and a disembodied voice tells her that no one is here to save her.

Golden Eagle Secret Past

In St. Roch, Hawkman tends to Hawgirl’s wounds and says he wants to her take her to Thanagar. He then insults Carter, calling him an impostor and then punches her. His past was really all a lie and he only added the orphanage to allow people to pity him, even the Teen Titans, but Robin had always suspected something. He then prepares to kill her, when he feels a sword poking his back. It is the real Hawkman with the Cloak of Cagliostro. Carter then uses the cloak to teleport Charley to Fadeaway Man’s hideout. It turns out that Charley’s real name is Ch'al Andar, the son of Fel Andar, who had impersonated Hawkman at one point. The two battle and he reveals that he was the one who had planned Hawkman’s death.

He then recounts his family history and tells of his grandfather called Andar Pul who came to Earth in 1947, where he married a woman called Naomi O’Neil and had a son together called Fel Andar. When the JSA was sent to the limbo dimension, Fel Andar was sent as a spy and fell in love with a woman called Sharon Parker. Fel Andar then became Hawkman and Sharon Parker’s mind was reprogrammed to think that she was Hawkwoman and Charley was given up for adoption. Sharon Parker was killed because she found out about the truth. Fel Andar was imprisoned for his linage and escaped to Earth twice--the first time, to give Charley the armour and the second time, to save Charley when he fought the Wildebeest. Carter was losing the fight then used the Cloak of Cagliostro and put Charley onto his ship.

Carter then explains to the JSA and Green Arrow that he knew that Hath-Set was behind this so he had his son, Dr. Fate, cast an illusion of his own death and discovered that Golden Eagle was Hath-Set and he rejoins the JSA once again.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are then seen flying over Egypt and Hawkgirl scolds him for not cluing her in on this. Carter apologizes, telling her that he will make it up with a trip to Spain. Using the cloak, they teleport to Spain and she is left with some nice clothes and is invited to dinner downstairs. She goes to dinner, and the both of them toast to the future.

Hawkman in the Infinite Crisis / The Rann-Thanagar War

The Rann-Thanagar War
The Rann-Thanagar War

The problem with Hawkman was his continuity issues and conflicting storylines. Hawkman finished with Hawkman #45 and Hawkman #46 was advertised as a prologue to The Rann-Thanagar War. In this issue, it featured an OMAC appearance and was surprising seeing as they did not appear until Countdown to Infinite Crisis and The Rann-Thanagar War was previously thought to run simultaneously with The OMAC Project, which meant this was a late OMAC appearance and that they know all the mysteries shown during the run of The OMAC Project. In JSA #76, which was released around the same time as The OMAC Project The OMAC Project #4 and The OMAC Project #5 and the Justice Society did not know that humans are inside the OMACs, which raises a problem.

Placing the debut of The Rann-Thanagar War along with The OMAC Project made is possible to re-establish his connection with the JSA and JLA. Hawkman #46 also was a prologue to The Rann-Thanagar War which sorted out the continuity issues regarding the Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

A hurricane sweeps through St. Roch and it makes a reference to Hurricane Katrina. While Hawkman and Hawkgirl are battling Satana’s minions, she uses this opportunity to cause more havoc. Detective Grubs who is apart of the St. Roch police department tells his men to back off when one of the minions take a hostage. This is when Brother Eye activates Grubs as an OMAC. He then strikes the minion. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are familiar with the OMACs suggesting that this story occurs after The OMAC Project #6. The Hawks engage the OMAC and they lure it into the hurricane hoping that it will disrupt the Brother Eye’s signal. It does, and Hawkman catches the hostage before he can hit the ground. Hawkgirl suggests that he take her to Dr. Mid-Nite for testing.

Grubs demands to know what is happening, and Dr. Mid-Nite explains that he received the nano-bots during the flu vaccination. Hawkman and Hawkgirl reminisce in another room looking at a photo with the Atom on Hawkman’s shoulder. Kendra asks if Carter has kept in touch with him. He says he has not since Jean Loring, wife of Dr. Raymond Palmer, the Atom, escaped from Arkham Asylum but a flashback shows that he is lying.

Weeks before this, Hawkman sits and reads the newspaper about Jean Loring’s imprisonment. The phone rings and the Atom travels through the phone lines, telling Hawkman how everything changes, even if it is over, and shows that he is annoyed over how " the end, it turns out to be one of our own." The Atom then tells Hawkman he is going away for a while and asks Hawkman if he can promise not to tell anyone of this meeting.

Back in present time, the Hawks hear a crash in Dr. Mid-Nite’s lab and run in to see Grubs turned into an OMAC again. While Hawkgirl keeps the OMAC busy, Dr. Mid-Nite sticks a miniature version of the E.M.P., which Batman had used earlier to shut down the scores of OMACs on a larger scale.

It then cuts to the planet Rann where there are Thanagarian refugees on the planet Rann. Sardath then tells Adam Strange that he intercepted a message from Psion, suggesting an alliance with the Thanagarians, which could mean war. Adam Strange says he’ll get some assistance, meaning the Hawks. Back at the St. Roch museum, Hawkman finds a package and opening it, finds a phoenix. They battle it, and Hawkman thinks that Fadeaway Man sent it. Fadeaway Man is standing on the roof of a building across the museum and jumps into the open skylight and steals the Cloak of Cagliostro.

Blackest Night

The Death of Hawkman & Hawkgirl
The Death of Hawkman & Hawkgirl

Carter Hall is seen to angrily rebuff a despondent Ray Palmer, when the latter asks Carter to let him visit the grave of Jean Loring. Kendra witnesses him smashing the phone to prevent Ray from traveling through. When Carter asks what she's doing there, she says she's concerned about his mounting rage. This leads to a long conversation about their non-existent relationship, and the tension created by their intertwined destinies and Kendra's inability to access the memories of her past lives.

Kendra then tries to explain that she's always had to control her instincts, because of the curse they shared, which states that at the point when their love for each other was greater, the hourglass would turn, and they would both die before their time. At that point, she almost reveals how she feels about him when she is impaled from behind by a spear held by the Black Lantern Sue Dibny.

Black Lantern Hawkman and Hawkgirl
Black Lantern Hawkman and Hawkgirl

A stunned Carter is then easily battered down by Black Lantern Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, using Hawkman's own Nth Metal mace against him. Before Hawkgirl dies, she tells Carter that despite the lack of the memories of their past lives, she always loved him. Carter, badly injured, tries to fight back, but his heart is extracted by Elongated Man, killing him. After his and Kendra's hearts are consumed to power up the Black Rings, the Black Hand appears and releases two more rings, which then command the corpses of both Carter and Kendra to rise as Black Lanterns.

Hawkman alongside his love Shierra Hall is one of the Black Lanterns to be fully resurrected by the White Lanterns.

Powers and Abilities

Nth Metal

Nth Metal
Nth Metal

Hawkman uses Nth Metal to grant him flight, as the metal defies gravity and the abilities are controlled mentally. The Nth Metal also allows him to heal wounds as in the JLA storyline “Crisis of Conscience”, Carter has his arm severed but it heals by the end of the issue. The Nth Metal also allows some form of protection against high pressures, allowing Hawkman to reach high altitudes. Another thing the Nth Metal does is grants him enhanced strength, though during the Golden Age, it seemed to come naturally. Hawkman uses the older-type weapons such as maces, nets, spears and shields as his skills allow better use with them rather than the modern day weapons. Also, Hawkman has used the Claw of Horus, which is a powerful weapon. As Hawkman describes it to Superman, “...I just hit you with the planet.” The nth metal also grants carter a degree of super strength and resistance to injury.

He has been seen to be able to carry at least 5 tons of weight. He has also withstood blows from the powerhouse Black Adam and survived. (something not many can do) He's stated that Nth metal gives him the ability to see for miles. He's also stated that he has enhanced hearing, but it is unknown whether it comes from the Nth metal.

Artificial Wings

Katar Hol is the son of Paran Katar, who is considered to be the last of the great men in the history of Thanagar, a planet in the Polaris solar system. Paran Katar was the inventor of the large artificial wings that enable the planet's policemen, known as the Wingmen, to manuever in flight. Paran also discovered the Nth anti-gravity metal. Katar Hol eventually became a member of the Wingmen.

Other Abilities

Hawkman has shown the ability to talk to birds on multiple occasions. He used thousands of geese he communicated with as a distraction so he could sneak past thugs. He's also shown the ability to dodge bullets at point blank range, showing his speed.

Kator has shown the ability to grow and retract wings at will. Hol has been shown to be able to look into ones soul to see if they are telling the truth.

Other Versions

DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar

Hawkman appeared in DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar.

DC Universe Online Legends

Hawkman appeared in DC Universe Online Legends.

Kingdom Come

Hawkman is a savior to some or an environmental terrorist to others according to Spectre. His domain is the pacific Northwest. He joins Superman's new Justice League.

Syndicate Rules

An antimatter version of the character by the name of Blood Eagle was mentioned but not seen when Hawkman and the Justice League invaded the Crime Syndicate of Amerika's Earth in the JLA: Syndicate Rules storyline. Several people fled in terror as they thought Blood Eagle had returned from the dead. (It was stated that the Crime Syndicate killed Blood Eagle some time earlier.)

Other Media


Justice League Unlimited

Justice League Unlimited
Justice League Unlimited

Hawkman appears in the JLU episodes "Shadow of the Hawk" and "Ancient History", the latter of which Geoff Johns wrote. After Shayera Hol, Vixen, Batman and Green Lantern battle the villain group the Extremists, Hawkman appears, as Carter Hall and comments on Shayera's fighting skills. He offers to take her on a trip to the Egyptian deserts. Batman accompanies them in secret, following them the whole trip. Carter and Shayera then encounter the villain Shadow Thief. They fight him with help from Batman, and soon part ways. In "Ancient History", Hawkman plans to take Shayera on a date, but Shayera ends up going to the museum.

She, Hawkman, and Green Lantern encounter the Shadow Thief again and he ties them all to the mystical object called the Absorbacron, which projects images of one's past. Hawkman has been exposed to this item before, but the others had not. It takes them back to ancient Egypt. Two winged aliens, one male, and one female arrive on Earth, revealed to be Prince Khufu and Chay Ara, the original incarnations of Carter and Shayera.

They establish their own way of civilization, and the people praise them. Soon Shayera encounters a arthman, who is the original incarnation of John Stewart, Shayera's partial love intrest. A romance blooms between them, and Carter fiercly declares theat he wanted them both dead, not meaning it. The pharoah, Hath-Shepsut hears him, and decides to fufill his king's "wish". He poisons wine and gives it to Chay-Ara and the man. They instantly die, and Khufu is devastated. He ends up drinking the poisoned wine to be with his love and he dies.

They were soon reincarnated as many figures throughout history, most recently Hawkman and Hawkgirl. This reveals why Carter was trying so hard to get Shayera to fall in love with him, as they were destined to be together, through life and death. Carter leaves, still in Shayera's heart. She questions Batman about it, as he has seen the future where she ends up marrying John, which is when the episode cuts out.

Video Games

Lego Batman 2

Logo Hawkman
Logo Hawkman

Hawkman appears as a playable character in Lego Batman 2. His special ability is flight.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Although he doesn't physically appear in the game, there is a statue of him in the Hall of Justice. He is also mentioned when you complete classic battle with Hawkgirl.

"Free of his brainwashing, Hawkgirl exacted revenge on the High Councilor for murdering her husband, Hawkman. She was nevertheless sent to prison for her role in the regime. One night she awoke hovering above her cot, glowing with eldritch light. An instant later she stood at the bottom of a shallow crater. There she found the source of the light: a meteorite of pure Nth-metal. As she touched it, the meteorite sprung to life, encasing her in Nth-metal. The new armor made Hawkgirl invincible. Her first act: vengeance against those who had helped Superman capture Hawkman."

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