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Jack Jordan

Jack Jordan

He was the eldest of the Jordan brothers and was the D.A. for Coast City.

DC Comics


The Battle of the Power Rings!; Green Lantern's Brother Act #9


Jack Jordan





Jack Jordan was born in Coast City, to Martin Jordan and Jessica Jordan, he is the eldest of the Jordan brothers. He had a somewhat frosty relationship with his younger brother Hal Jordan, who he blamed for their mother's death.


Jack Jordan was created by John Broome and Gil Kane, he first appeared in Green Lantern #9.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

After his mother's death, Jack eventually became Coast City's District Attorney, this line of work would make him the target of gangs and many criminal plots. During his time as District Attorney, he was saved many times by Coast City's most famous hero, The Green Lantern, who unbeknown to Jack was secretly his brother Hal Jordan.

In his early forties Jack Jordan and his wife Janice Sonya became parents to twins, Jason and Helen Jordan.

He and his family next moved to Alaska, where he made an unsuccessful bid for the Governor's office. There move was short lived however, as they soon returned to Coast City.

Jack and his wife Janice have since died, their daughter was orphaned, and Hal Jordan stepped in as her guardian.

Powers and Abilities

Jack has no superhuman powers. However, like his father and brothers he possesses great vigor and a very sharp mind. Serving as Coast City's District Attorney, he had vast knowledge of law, order, and the legal world.


  • Height - 6'2
  • Weight - 200lbs
  • Eyes - Brown
  • Hair - Brown

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