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Madame Rouge

Madame Rouge

At the time of her joining, she was the only female member of the Brotherhood of Evil. She had a dual personality of good and evil.

DC Comics


The Trail of the Terrible Titan #86


Laura de Mille


Team Enemies:

Doom Patrol | Teen Titans |


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A beautiful young French actress, Laura DeMille suffered extreme schizophrenic behavior as the result of a car accident. The Brain and Monsiuer Mallah subjected Laura to a ray treatment that suppressed the positive side of her personality and greatly strengthened her latent evil tendencies. DeMille was renamed Madame Rouge and she joined the Brotherhood of Evil.

Character Evolution

Silver Age: Earth-One

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As Madame Rouge, DeMille was a master of disguise. Later the Brain gave Rouge superhuman powers like the ability to alter her appearance at will and stretch her limbs. Rouge acted as the headmistress of Parisian girls' school, L'Ecole des Filles where the Brotherhood made their headquarters.The Brotherhood clashed repeatedly with the Doom Patrol, and Madame Rouge and the Doom Patrol's Chief felt a growing attraction for one another. Eventually, the Chief succeeded in restoring Laura's original personality. However, the Brotherhood used scientific means to force DeMille's evil side to surface again.

Modern Age: New Earth

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After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, not much Madame Rouge history was change. Years later, Rouge and Zahl were opposed in their attempts to conquer the small country of Zandia by the New Teen Titans and they along with Robotman, the Brain and Monsiuer Mallah pursued the pair to Africa. There, Zahl was killed when a bullet he fired at Robotman ricocheted back at him, while Rouge was pursued by the vengeful Changeling (adopted son of Doom Patrol member Elasti-girl). Rouge was about to destroy herself and her foes when Changeling pushed her into some machinery. She thus suffered a fatal electrical shock that restored her true personality and she died repenting her crimes and calling out to her true love Niles Caulder with her dying breath.

Major Story Arcs

Silver Age: Earth-One

Madame Rouge destroys both Brotherhood and the Doom Patrol

Madame Rouge and Capt. Zahi
Madame Rouge and Capt. Zahi

She seemingly destroyed the Brain and Monsieur Mallah and then she ally herself with Captain Zahl. They captured the Doom Patrol and Zahl informed them that unless they allowed themselves to be killed, he would blow up a small New England fishing village. The courageously Doom Patrol agreed to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the villagers. Madame Rouge's protests to Zahl, but, he blows up the land where the Doom Patrol were standing on.

Modern Age: New Earth


Madame Rouge had a daughter named Gemini de Mille otherwise known as Gemini. She had Gemini during the time when she was reformed. Gemini has inherited her mother's shape shifting abilities. Gemini tried seek revenge against Beast Boy for her mother death.

The Undead Madame Rouge

Black Lantern Madame Rouge
Black Lantern Madame Rouge

Sometime later, Brother Blood of the Church of Blood with the help of his "mother" the undead Omen. He used Omen's powers to further open the crack door of land of dead that was left open by the resurrected heroes. Blood brings back an undead Madame Rouge and other Titans villains to attacks Beast Boy and Raven. In end the Titans defeats Brother Blood, which sent Madame Rouge back to land of dead. During the Blackest Night, Madame Rouge body is revived as a Black Lantern. She and other Black Lanterns villains whose was entombed below the Hall of Justice, went after the Flash, the Atom, and Mera just before they escaped.

Powers & Abilities


Madame Rouge can stretch any parts of her body to incredible lengths.

Shape Shifter

She can alter her facial features.

Black Power Ring

Black Power Ring retain powers and abilities that they had prior to their deaths. Their rings provide some level of functionality even when charge levels are at 0.0%. They possess the ability to "see" the emotional state of others as an aura colored by the emotional spectrum. Their rings are charged by removing the hearts of their victims and turning the organs into energy that can be absorbed by the rings. The hearts filled with splintered light may be charging more than just the individual rings.

Physical Characteristics

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Real Name: Laura Demile

Status: Villain

Occupation: Ex- actress, teacher, and criminal

Weight: 134 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Other Versions

Teen Titans Go!

Madame Rouge appeared in several issues of Teen Titans Go! as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil.

Justice League Adventures

Madame Rouge appeared in issue Justice League Adventures.

Other Media


Teen Titans

Teen Titans
Teen Titans

Madame Rouge appeared in several episodes of Teen Titans, voiced by Hynden Walch. The animated Rouge powers were much different then comic version herself. Rouge has abilities shape shifter her whole body and repaired her body from great damage. Her weakness is extreme cold or heat. Her accent in the series is not French, but sounds more Eastern European or Slavic. Also her costume is red instead of blue, which is consistent with her name.

She first appearance in "Homecoming" with the rest of Brotherhood of Evil. They make their first appearance in a flashback, during which they attempt to unleash a black hole generator on the Doom Patrol. Years later, they would re-emerge, having captured the Doom Patrol, upon which they were rescued by the Teen Titans. After attempting to take them on alone a second time, the Doom Patrol again defeated the Brotherhood with the Titans help and destroyed their second black hole generator. In retaliation, the Brotherhood of Evil assembled nearly all of the Titans' enemies, with the intention of wiping out the "new generation of Heroes."

Madame Rouge vs Hot Spot.
Madame Rouge vs Hot Spot.

In "Trust" Rouge was sent to capture the Titans Communicator from Wildebeest. However, Rouge failed when Wildebeest dropped his communicator off a cliff. She targeted Hot Spot next, and after much effort, aided considerably by her shape-shifting abilities, she was given a new communicator by Robin after she had posed as Hot Spot. Madame Rouge took the defeated Wildebeest and Hot Spot to the Brotherhood of Evil's base to be flash-frozen as victory trophies. She later makes cameo appearances in "Kole".

Madame Rouge next appeared in episode "Lightspeed". When the H.I.V.E. Five captured Kid Flash, their leader Jinx contacted her to deliver Kid Flash in order to rise into the Brotherhood's ranks and gain Rouge's respect. Before Rouge arrived at the H.I.V.E.'s hideout, Kid Flash managed to escape and derisively dismissing the villainous youths, Jinx included, as incompetent children, Rouge went after Kid Flash herself. Kid Flash just barely managed to get away from her, only to be captured by Jinx. But as Jinx prepared to surrender him to Madame Rouge, the villainess struck her down and demeaned her efforts and idolizing. Fed up with this treatment, and touched by Kid Flash's efforts to make her renounce her life of crime, Jinx allowed the young hero to get away and struck Rouge down as she attempted to hit her again. Ironically, this made Rouge willing to re-evaluate Jinx, but it was too late: Jinx left the H.I.V.E. and her life as a villainess behind and joined Kid Flash.

Rouge seconds before Titans attack.
Rouge seconds before Titans attack.

In "Calling All Titans", when the Brotherhood executed the world-wide strike against the Titans and their allies, Rouge took out Robin, but could not stop him from setting the communicators to self-destruct, preventing any further attempts by the Brain to track their movements. When the remaining Titans under Beast Boy's leadership attacked the Brotherhood's base in "Titans Together", Rouge was overpowered and flash-frozen into an ice sculpture by Wildebeest, Hot Spot and Jinx – ironically by all of whom she had personally antagonized.

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