Nathan Lubensky

Nathan Lubensky

A retired vaudevilian and love interest to Aunt May. He was also friends with Adrian Toomes, the original Vulture.



A Night on the Prowl! #47


Nathan R. Lubensky



Much of Nathan Lubesky's past remained unknown. It was known that Nathan had been an artist in the Vaudeville genre and loved writing, singing and playing the gitar. He retired due to old age and physical disability. When he retired, he started renting a room at May Reilly Parker's resting house and ended becoming the new love interest of May.


Nathan Lubensky was created by Roger Stern and Marie Severin and first appeared in The Specataculair Spider-Man Vol.1 issue 47 (1980).

Major Story Arcs

An Influance to Peter Parker

Argument with Peter
Argument with Peter

When Nathan begain a romantic relationship with May Parker, he often noticed how she worried for her nephew Peter Parker. While Nathan always tried, and often managed, to cheer her up, he saw how it broke her heart. Nathan started adressing Peter on the fact that he could not simply walk out of May's life (which Peter often did when duty called as Spider-Man). It even got so bad that Nathan got into an argument with Peter. This caused tension in the household which even let to a falling out between May and Peter. The two did not speak to eachother for some time, untill Nathan managed to bring the two together once again


Various storylines of Nathan focused on his taste for gambling and his weak heart. While in the hospital, Nathan met and befriended Adrian Toomes, whom, unbeknown to him at first, was also the villainous Vulture. Nathan and May's relationship however blossemed and there was talk about getting married.


Things looked up for Nathan and May. It was however then that disaster struck. Nathan's heart gave way while he tried to stop the villainous Vulture from taking May as a hostage. His death was mourned by many people, including the Vulture himself, as Adrian (Vulture) and Nathan had met before as friends.

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