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Rocket Red (Pushkin)

Rocket Red (Pushkin)

Dmitri Pushkin was a member of the Rocket Red Brigade (as Rocket Red #4) who went on as a member of the Justice League International.

DC Comics


Red Alert! #209


Dmitri Pushkin Red Rocket #4


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Rockets a blaring!
Rockets a blaring!

Dimitri Pushkin (Rocket Red #4), became a member of the Justice League International after their first Rocket Red, Number Seven, turned out to be a Manhunter android. A kind-hearted and jolly man with a taste for American culture, Dimitri served with the JLI for many years. When his armor was destroyed by Lobo, he replaced it with a more advanced model made on Apokolips. Dimitri also served with Justice League Europe for awhile as well, making friends with Animal Man, aka Buddy Baker, in a similar manner to the friendship of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. Dmitri and Buddy initially bonded over their mutual families. Dmitri was part of the small resistance against Starro because the alien could not take him over through his armor. Though Starro was defeated, Dmitri had surrendered to him when the alien threatened to kill his family, whom it had already taken over. He was the only European on the team initially. He died during the Prelude to Infinite Crisis (Operation OMAC). By self-destructing he saved the other members of the old JLI, his last words to Booster Gold were; "My wife and children, Michael...tell them I love them."


Dmitri Pushkin joined the Justice League International in Justice League International #8 this was due to the previous Rocket Red actually being a Manhunter Robot. He was actually seen earlier than that in the series as he fought the Justice League in Justice League #3. It is clearly him who fights Black Canary on top of the Bug ship and gets his tooth knocked out. He actually shows Canary the missing tooth in Justice League International #8 when he references the incident to her. His first appearance is Green Lantern Corps #209.

Major Story Arcs

Blackest Night

As Firestorm explores the abandoned Hall Of Justice, he and Gehenna notice everything happening on the planet via tv screens. Dmitri is seen in Moscow resurrected as a Black Lantern, attacking the other members of the Brigade. It is believed his suit is a construct, as his original Rocket Red suit can still be seen in the Hall Of Justice. Its assumed he didn't kill any of the other Rocket Red's, but it is unknown how he was defeated.

Other Media

  • Justice League Unlimited
Look mama I'm on T.V
Look mama I'm on T.V

Rocket Red was a member of the Justice League Unlimited in the cartoon series. He never had a speaking role but he is seen in many episodes either fighting in battles or on the satellite base. This Rocket Red is obviously Dimitri Pushkin as he was the only member of the Justice League at that time that wasn't a Manhunter. He couldn't have been a manhunter because they were already all destroyed in a earlier episode.

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