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Formerly warrior Princess Koriand'r of the now-destroyed planet Tamaran, Starfire found a new home on Earth and a new family in the Teen Titans. She was once romantically involved with Dick Grayson, and often dealt with hostilities from her older sister Blackfire. Starfire has also served with many other teams such as the Outsiders, Justice League, R.E.B.E.L.S. and Jason Todd's Outlaws.

DC Comics


Between Friend and Foe / Where Nightmares Begin / Whatever Happened to Sargon the Sorcerer #26


Princess Koriand'r Kory Anders Kory Kori Nova Star


This page is for Koriand'r, the current and most prominent Starfire.

For the earlier character with the same name, see: Starfire.


Starfire, warrior princess
Starfire, warrior princess

Koriand'r was the second of three children born to King Myand'r and Queen Luand'r of the planet Tamaran, whose inhabitants have the ability to absorb solar energy through their skin and convert it into the power of flight. Her elder sister Komand'r (later known as Blackfire) was the victim of a rare childhood disease that rendered her unable to fly. Komand'r developed a bitter and unpleasant personality as a result, and due to her disability and unpopularity, she was deemed unworthy of ascension to the throne. Komand'r's princess status was transferred to her more attractive younger sister Koriand'r, who had no abnormalities and was well-liked by her people.

Koriand'r received all of the privileges, honors, and dignity of royalty and grew to be the first princess of Tamaran in a hundred years, while Komand'r was largely shunned and forgotten. This set the stage for a sibling rivalry of epic proportions as Komand'r continually sought revenge against Koriand'r, precipitating a series of events that ultimately brought the Tamaranean princess to Earth.


Starfire was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Perez in 1980, when new characters were needed to fill out the revamped roster of the upcoming New Teen Titans series. She made her debut in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980). Wolfman conceived the character as an exotic alien princess who was both sexy in appearance and a fierce warrior, essentially a " Red Sonja in outer space." Based on this description, Perez visually designed Starfire to have golden skin, long flowing red hair, completely green eyes, a voluptuous figure, and revealing bikini-like armor. Her character was immediately popular with fans, and her look and costume has remained virtually unchanged since her initial appearance three decades ago.

Character Evolution

Modern Age: New Earth

Starfire (New Earth)
Starfire (New Earth)

Starfire has an outgoing and vivacious personality that epitomizes the joy-seeking aspects of Tamaranean culture. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, loves to have fun, and often expresses herself in flamboyant ways. Tamaraneans tend to wear very little clothing compared to humans, both as a reflection of their uninhibited culture and in order to absorb more solar energy through their skin and convert that energy into the power of flight. Starfire is no exception to this, and she finds the human mode of dress to be unnecessarily prudish and restrictive. She is openly flirtatious with men, even taken ones, and is seemingly oblivious to the jealousy she generates in other women. Starfire can instantly assimilate other languages simply through physical contact with the other person, and if that other person is male, she will usually kiss them (often without any warning).

However, Starfire is also a born warrior, and her sweet and frivolous personality evaporates whenever a combat situation arises. She is a fierce and no-nonsense fighter and extremely aggressive in battle. When fully provoked she can fly into a berserker rage, increasing her already impressive strength level, and when in this state her teammates have sometimes had to physically restrain her out of fear that she might kill her opponents.

She has a no-nonsense attitude, but Tamaranean's joy-seeking culture has led her into a number of romances. She has been married twice, both times to Tamaranean men: once to the prince Karras to seal a peace treaty, and once to General Phy'zzon out of duty. Both men later died in battle. Afterward she nearly married her true love Dick Grayson, despite anti-alien sentiment on Earth at the time. But their wedding was interrupted by their Titans teammate Raven, who had given in to her demonic nature and once again gone evil. Raven murdered the priest before he could finish the ceremony. The failed wedding underscored problems in their relationship that they were previously in denial of, so Kory and Dick mutually made the decision to end it and only be friends. However, it is apparent that they still carry a torch for each other whenever they see one another.

Starfire has claimed that her love for Dick is eternal, but because not being with him is so painful, she has also said that she needs to forget him. She decided to leave Earth primarily because she could not bear to be on the same planet as Dick if they could not be together. After she left Earth, she has a brief fling with shipmate Adam Blake to help kill the time during the long trip through space.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth-0

Starfire (New 52)
Starfire (New 52)

The 2011 reboot of the DC Universe has introduced a new version of Starfire, who has joined Jason Todd's team of Outlaws. Her origin story has been slightly altered, being a princess of Tamaran sold into slavery at a young age by her sister as a peace offering to a rival planet. Starfire's Tamaranean warship crashed landed on Earth. She ends up fishing Jason out of ocean and nurses him back to health. Upon his awakening, Starfire and Jason tell each other about their pasts and quickly become close friends understanding they have much in common. Red Arrow joins them later and after having previous casual relations with Jason, Starfire enters into a public relationship with Roy. After several victories with the Outlaws, old friends reappear and take her and the boys, along with Jason's date, to a Tamaran under attack by the Blight. Starfire teams up with her estranged sister to save the planet and forgive each other. After a small break, Jason disappears so Starfire and Roy go to Gotham to find him and team up with the Teen Titans to help keep the city from falling apart during the events of Death of the Family story arc.

Major Story Arcs

Modern Age: New Earth

Komand'r's Revenge

When both sisters were of age, they were sent for combat training with the Warlords of Okaara, and it was here that Komand'r, now insanely jealous and hateful of her sister, tried to take revenge on Koriand'r by killing her. The attempt failed and Komand'r was expelled by the Warlords. Komand'r then turned on her own people, joining the enemies of Tamaran known as the Citadel, and quickly rose through their ranks. After she had gained considerable power and influence with the Citadel, Komand'r betrayed the people of Tamaran by giving the Citadel inside information. The Citadel used this information to successfully invade Tamaran. Defeated, King Myand'r had no choice but to turn his favorite daughter, Koriand'r, over to them in return for peace. Part of the arrangement was that Koriand'r could never return to her home planet or the Citadel would destroy it. The captive princess endured six years of servitude and horrific torture at the hands of her own vengeful sister, who had now become a high ranking warrior of the Citadel. At one point, Koriand'r was raped by members of the Citadel that were under the command of Komand'r. In retaliation, Koriand'r fought back and killed the rapists, but was then subdued and sentenced to death.

Captured by the Psions

Komand'r ordered her own sister's execution but before it could be carried out, the Citadel was attacked and both sisters were captured by the Psions, an advanced race of sadistic scientists. The sisters then became the helpless subjects of cruel experiments. The Psions abused their captives' natural ability to absorb solar energy by relentlessly bombarding them with experimental energy, to determine how much they could absorb before their bodies would overload and explode. The sisters survived the initial tests, and Koriandr's signature "starbolts" were a result of these experiments. Koriand'r eventually escaped by using her new-found starbolts, and then graciously freed her sister, despite all that Komand'r had done to her. Despite their recently shared ordeal, Komand'r was as hateful as ever, and as soon as she was freed, she attacked Koriand'r with her own newly-developed starbolts. Since Komand'r had been exposed to the experimental energy longer than Koriand'r, her starbolts were more powerful (and she had also finally gained the ability to fly), enabling her to strike down her sister and escape. Koriand'r was recaptured, but later escaped again by seducing one of the guards and fleeing on one of the Psion's own vessels. She eventually arrived on Earth, where she first met the young superhero team known as the Teen Titans.

The New Teen Titans

Starfire joins the New Teen Titans.
Starfire joins the New Teen Titans.

Earth was completely alien to the Tamaranean princess, but she was able to learn English by kissing Titans leader Robin (Dick Grayson), which ignited a romance between the two of them. This relationship would eventually help Grayson grow as a person and help him carve out his own identity away from his mentor, Batman. Koriand'r took the code-name Starfire and joined the Teen Titans, who became her surrogate family. Her original teammates included Robin (who later changed his codename to Nightwing), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Kid Flash (Wally West), Cyborg, Raven and Changeling (now known as Beast Boy). Starfire helped the new group of young heroes make a name for themselves as they battled and defeated many powerful adversaries, including Trigon, Brother Blood, and Deathstroke the Terminator. She served with the team for many years and eventually became a Titans veteran, acting as a mentor to newer members as the team's roster constantly changed.

After the destruction of her home planet of Tamaran by the Sun-Eater, which killed her parents and most of her people, Starfire realized that Earth was now her true and only home. During her period of grief, she decided to take a leave of absence on Themyscira with the Amazons in order to recover.

The Outsiders

At the behest of Jade, Kory joined the Outsiders, during a time when the entire team thought that Nightwing (Dick Grayson) was unstable and cared very little for his teammates. This was because of what had happened to Thunder after one of their missions, and Nightwing's dismissive attitude towards it.

Starfire was with the team during several important story arcs. Once including a crisis that saw Indigo turn into a homicidal android, bent on destroying both the Titans and the Outsiders due to her heritage of being Brainiac's "offspring" from the future. As always, Starfire showed her warrior's spirit during this conflict, unleashing her most powerful attack which truly made her as powerful as a star and brought the crisis to a close. In the weeks that passed, she found herself reconnecting with Dick on an intimate level on at least one occasion.

Shortly after the Indigo crisis, Donna Troy (who was thought to have died in action) returned to life and sought out Starfire, Jade, Shift and any others who could survive in the vacuum of space to help investigate problems that were originating from the center of the galaxy. It was discovered that the new crisis was due to the renegade Kryptonian Superboy Prime, shifting the positions of planets in that sector of space. Starfire agreed to participate in these events, which escalated and eventually became known as Infinite Crisis.

Battle with Blackfire

Showdown between Sisters.
Showdown between Sisters.

It was during this time that Starfire once again came into contact with her villainous sister Komand'r, now known as Blackfire. Up until that time, Starfire believed her sister had perished in an earlier encounter.

Posing as the Tamaranean Goddess X'hal, Blackfire channeled her new-found powers into tricking her sister into finding her. Starfire, believing that the Goddess had truly shown herself, went off to find her supposed deity only to find herself in quite a predicament.

Once Starfire arrived, Blackfire launched a surprise attack on her sister, and Starfire was captured along with her companions. Blackfire's goal was to extract Starfire's powers with special technology and re-channel them into her own body, permanently giving herself the power of flight and further enhancing her other powers. Starfire and her allies eventually overcame Blackfire after a massive battle in outer space, which saw the destruction of her sister's starship and the apparent demise of Blackfire.


Lost in Space.
Lost in Space.

After the events of Infinite Crisis, Starfire, Animal Man and Adam Strange became unintentional space explorers after the Zeta Beam transported them to an unknown sector of space. They visited many uncharted locations, and during their travels, they encountered Lobo, who agreed to help them battle an enemy named Devilance. Eventually, Lobo took them to a planet where he was ruling under the ruse of becoming a benevolent ruler who had found religion. In a later incident, they were attacked by the villainous Lady Styx and it seemed that Animal Man was killed. Starfire was injured but managed to escape alongside Adam Strange. They found their ship badly damaged, to the point where it almost crash-landed on the sentient planet-sized Green Lantern called Mogo, though Mogo and his partner managed to save their ship in time. Eventually, Starfire made it back to Earth, where she traveled to the Baker household (home of Animal Man) to present Animal Man's family with his jacket and to tell them the unfortunate news of his demise. To Starfire's great surprise, however, she found that Animal Man was still alive and had recently returned to his home. The stress of her ordeal and injuries finally overcame her and she collapsed.

When Starfire later awoke in the Baker household, she discovered that she had somehow lost her powers. Animal Man suggested that she stay with them until she figured out what she wanted to do. It turned out that Lady Styx had somehow made Animal Man the carrier of a killer virus, and when he returned home he had unknowingly infected most of the population of his home city, including his own son. Though Starfire and Animal Man were able to resist the virus, all others infected became unnaturally violent; Animal Man's son even tried to kill Starfire and his own sister. Later, Animal Man discovered that solar energy could heal the infected. Animal Man, his wife Ellen, and Starfire left Earth for the planet Rann, which had also become infected due to Adam Strange unknowingly carrying the virus there. Starfire was able to recharge her powers on Rann and then used them to save both Earth and Rann from the virus.

Justice League

Afterward, Starfire and Donna Troy visited Animal Man's house for a pool party. Congo Bill and Starman arrived and asked Animal Man, Starfire, and Donna Troy to join their fight to bring Prometheus to justice for the murder of their friends. The three agreed and the heroes eventually captured Prometheus, but Star City was then hit by a devastating explosion, apparently engineered by Prometheus. The Justice League helped out and looked for survivors and those that perished in the blast. The death toll was high, and Green Arrow lost his granddaughter in the disaster. Prometheus escaped but was later killed by Green Arrow to avenge his granddaughter and the other Star City victims.


In the aftermath, a new Justice League of America roster was formed. Starfire joined, along with Congo Bill, Dick Grayson (now in the role of Batman), Donna Troy, The Shield, Black Canary, Mon-El, Cyborg and Red Tornado. However, Starfire only remained in the Justice League for a span of three issues. In issue #43, she quit the team for personal reasons and wrote a note to Dick Grayson to let them know. Dick Grayson did not tell the Justice League exactly why Starfire left the team. Not feeling that she belonged anywhere, Starfire visited the sector of space where her home planet of Tamaran once was, only to discover that the planet had mysteriously returned. She then encountered Vril Dox and joined his latest galactic super-team known as R.E.B.E.L.S. Starfire was last seen as part of L.E.G.I.O.N. when it was restarted by Vril Dox.

Post-Flashpoint: Earth Prime

Red Hood and the Outlaws

Starfire helped Jason Todd break Roy Harper out of prison. She was later seen on a beach with Roy and Jason, and she eventually slept with Roy.

Starfire fighting alongside her teammates
Starfire fighting alongside her teammates

When Jason left to go to the All Caste in the Himalayas, she flew ahead of Jason and Roy and got a limo for them. When Jason ventured into the All Caste village, he was attacked by zombified villagers and Starfire and Roy helped bring them down. Jason then prayed, and Starfire put her hand on his shoulder as he did so. Starfire, Roy, and Jason give up their most precious memories to S'aru in exchange for getting into the Chamber of All. S'aru looks into Starfire's memory as it is her time on the planet she was traded on as a child where she destroyed a soldier and threatened all the others. In the Chamber of All, a giant monster appears and eats Starfire. Eventually, Starfire bursts out of the creature killing it. She grabs Jason and Roy and flies out of the chamber and reclaims her memory.

The Outlaws are in Middleton, Colorado searching for the Untitled. While Roy and Jason are in a bar, Starfire decides to watch over them from above as she attracts too much attention from humans. Kori is attacked by a xenophobe named Crux, whose parents were alien hunters and were killed in a Tamaranean War Cruiser crashed. Crux used his family's resources to transform himself into a living weapon. Starfire proceeds to overpower Crux, who decides to run away since he cannot beat her under his own physical strength. He leads Kori to a Tamaranean Transubstantiator which hurts Starfire and causes a huge explosion that Roy and Jason pick up on. Crux tells her that he erased the line between her and him and welcomes her to the human race. Roy leaves Jason to fight the Untitled to come to Starfire's aid.

Fighting their inner selves
Fighting their inner selves

Starfire is found by Roy in a prone position, weakened. He sets up a flame arrow to give her a bit of energy where she thanks him for being a kind person and that Roy and Jason have helped her in a world that does not treat her with such kindness. Starfire ends up gaining her powers back after Roy defeats Crux who only cut them off for a short time due to experiments and alterations on her biology while in captivity that he could not have known. She is about to deal a killing blow to him when Jason comes running in telling them they need to leave immediately. Kori grabs Crux and heads off with the team.

Starfire is mad that Jason didn't let her kill Crux after dropping him off at Arkham Asylum. They take one of Crux's ships and are visited by Essence. Only Jason sees her at first but when she appears a fight ensues between Essence and the Outlaws which they eventually win due to Jason teleporting her away with one of Crux's weapons.

The team heads to Gotham where Suzie Su has awakened from a coma. She has hostages and hired goons whom Starfire and Roy deal with and Roy says he needs to take Kori on a date afterward to which she said she would like to. Jason kills Suzie Su and the team leaves, but as they get in their ship they intercept a message from Alfred who explains that the Court of the Owls have sent multiple Talons across Gotham where they are targeting forty people of interest. They decide to stay and help where they will cover a person of interest in Mr. Freeze. Starfire, Jason, and Roy are hanging over a frozen part of Gotham going over the plan. Jason heads off and interjects himself in between the Talon and Freeze. He chases after the Talon while Starfire tries reasoning with Freeze. His methods prove to be ineffective against her scorching body. She keeps melting the ice talking to him about his delusions when Roy zaps him with a taser arrow. They meet up with Jason and deliver Freeze to Batgirl and leave Gotham.

Starfire is seen asleep in a hotel room with Roy as a mysterious alien look upon them. Outside the hotel, Jason, while on a date with Isabel, is attacked by the alien. After a brief scuffle, Starfire makes her appearance known and discovers the alien to be one of her old friends from Tamaran named Orn. Orn tells her that Tamaran is under attack and he needs her help. Starfire and the group are teleported to Starfire's ship where the Outlaws watch as Kori takes command of the ship and tells the invaders to leave the planet or she will destroy them. Starfire destroys the entire squadron of aliens with Roy and Jason helping where they can. She talks to them for a moment asking for help. Starfire reveals that in being traded to the Blight for peace, not one person on Tamaran tried to come to her rescue. She asks them if she should help Tamaran as she feels she should not raise a finger in their defense for what they did to her. It is revealed that her warship crew is made up of the freed prisoners that she escaped with from her enslavement. Jason tells her that she has every right to not help them and compares it to his Batman and Joker situation, but Roy tells her she wants to help as it comes from a place of strength. She then leaves them to be alone for a time being. The Blight attack the ship and Starfire and the crew defend it. Roy jumps in the way of a teleportation ray that was meant for Starfire. Roy gets teleported back along with Blackfire in an elaborate ruse to save her. Starfire has a reunion moment with her sister and they both arm up and heads out of the ship preparing to save Tamaran.

Starfire and Blackfire begin assaulting the Blight, taking them down with fierce assaults. The rest of the Outlaws help and Depalo sacrifices himself and the Starfire ship to destroy the Blight mothership with Kori looking on amidst the battle. Blackfire gets a spear thrown through her stomach by the Blight leader and Starfire goes all out incinerating and destroying a massive area and the blight. She kills the Blight leader by showing the emotion of love with a kiss. Starfire helps her sister back to the throne a week after the battle. The sisters share a moment saying they love each other and Kori admits her love for Roy, but unbeknownst to Kori, her sister hopes their bonds are strong enough and that Blackfire will sacrifice Starfire to prevent the gathering of the Thirteen if need be. The Outlaws get a new ship called the Depalo, named after her friend and first mate and head back to Earth.

When the Outlaws head back towards Earth, they are confronted by Superman. They teleport to Earth in hopes to avoid him but he catches up. The Outlaws attack Superman but manage to do no harm as he casually incapacitates them. He inquires to Starfire about seeing any Daemonites. She lies about her previous encounter and tells him she didn't see anything so he tells her to contact him if anything comes up. The Outlaws drop Jason off in Isabel's home.

After helping the Teen Titans, Starfire and Roy get escorted to where Jason is at and are elated to see him. Due to an acid bomb planted by the Joker, the whole house heads towards Jason's location when they hear him scream.

Jason ends up going missing and Kori and Roy travel to the All-Caste temple, thinking he has gone there. When they get in, they are attacked by creatures and when a large monster comes in, Jason appears and kills it. They find out he has no memory of who he is as S'aru has taken his memories. Kori and Roy are taken through Jason's memories to get a demonstration of what he went through. S'aru also reveals Starfire is capable of putting her self in a selective amnesia when they suffer a bad memory because of their heightened emotional levels. Starfire attacks S'aru in a rage and Roy tranqs Jason to attempt an attack on S'aru as well, but the trio is soon teleported away and are looked upon by Ducra, Essence, and S'aru.

Starfire is ambushed by the assassin, Cheshire and taken out of a fight. Cheshire ends up fighting Green Arrow, Roy, and Jason, and the team seems on the losing end of things until Starfire comes back and brings Chesire outside of the ship where she ends up teleporting away. Starfire rejoins the group, but in the midst of everything and with Jason accessing his old files to see what he did before losing his memories, leaves the group by stashing away on Ollie's ship, unbeknownst to the team of where he left other than a note telling them to not look for him.

Kori stands outside of a meeting between Hugo Strange and Roy but she spots Essence and attacks her. Essence reveals that Hugo Strange is the one that set the bounty on the team and that Jason is at the epicenter of everything. The Untitled showed up and wish to use the group as a means to get into the League of Assassins' hideout. Kori tells Roy that they are setting them up and that they should go after Essence. Roy refuses and Kori says they must separate for now and goes off to find Essence.

DC Rebirth

Teen Titans

The new Starfire redesign
The new Starfire redesign

Starfire is on the on the Island of Torando, Caribbean to prevent the vast amounts of human trafficking that comes from Florida, to Torando and then all over the world. She came both to occupy herself with work to help her feel like she belongs and ensure that others aren't forced into slavery as she once was on her home world. She talks with a local police of forming a task force to stop them and heads to the beach, recalling asking her grieving ex- boyfriend Dick Grayson to come with her to clear his head. He declined remaining in Gotham where former Tim Drake had operated. On the beach she witnesses what appears to be kidnapping, blasting the kidnapper with a star bolt who confesses that someone put him up to it. He then shocks her unconscious with a shock glove. Starfire wakes up her hands and feet restrained by power dampening manacles besides 3 others, Beast Boy, Raven and Kid Flash (Wallace West).

Starfire was captured alongside Beast Boy, Raven and Kid Flash (Wallace West) by Damien Wayne the fourth and current Robin on his 13th to form a new Teen Titans. Upon freeing themselves from their restrints and former titans members under Tim Drake(Robin III)

Powers and Abilities

Super Strength

Starting a fire
Starting a fire

Starfire possesses great superhuman strength despite her pin-up girl looks. In early promos for her original appearance in The New Teen Titans, it was said that she "has the strength of eight men." However, Starfire has repeatedly demonstrated that she is far stronger than that since she can out-muscle her Titans teammates Cyborg and even Donna Troy as even Donna Troy could not restrain her and needed Mon-El's help in doing so. This would indicate that Starfire has at least class-100 strength as well, though her strength level has never been accurately quantified.


When angered, Starfire can go into a berserker state, granting her even greater strength, invulnerability, and immunity to many forms of damage. She is highly resistant to injury and can even survive unharmed in the cold vacuum of space.


She has been able to mentally or psionically learn languages such as English or Japanese through physical contact allowing her to communicate in it with ease being omnilingual. When she first arrived in Earth she learned English by kissing Robin, an encounter that gave fruit to their romance.

Energy Blasts

Starfire can generate energy blasts and release them from her hands or eyes (after transformation). These "starbolts" are very powerful and can even break through a wall of concrete. She gained these abilities during the experiments she was forced to endure by the Psions. They knew that the Tamaraneans could absorb energy and wished for a way to make it so that they released it, and that was when she gained the powers of the starbolts. Using her energy manipulating abilities, she can absorb various energies such as radiation or solar energy which makes her immune to its harmful effects.


Starfire has the ability to fly at great speeds through both the atmosphere and interstellar space. Her long curly hair leaves behind a fiery red contrail during flight, which makes her hair appear even longer than it really is. The flight ability is common among her race, though it can be lost through a childhood disease (her older sister Blackfire is one such example).

Combat Specialist

Starfire is also an exceptional hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained by the Warlords of Okaara at a very early age. In the New 52, Starfire is a capable strategist and starship commander.

Alien Physiology

Starfire's body continually absorbs ultraviolet radiation, which she then converts into the energy that powers her starbolts and her ability to fly. Starfire can also store a massive amount of this energy to use all at once in a devastating attack, as witnessed by the Outsiders. After holding a great deal of energy in reserve, she created a maelstrom of energy which resembled that of a star and unleashed a wave of destruction that caused several full-blast explosions. Such a massive release of energy leaves Starfire in a greatly weakened state afterward, so she only resorts to this attack when absolutely necessary. It is not known what Starfire breathes, but she has said that she does not need oxygen. She also can see much further than humans, but the extent of this has not been explored. Starfire's alien physiology also grants her immunity to gases.


Starfire (Kory)
Starfire (Kory)
  • Height: 6' 4"
  • Weight: 158 lbs
  • Eyes: Green
  • Hair: Auburn
  • Unusual Features: As is typical of the Tamaranean race, Starfire has orange skin and completely green eyes with no whites or visible pupils. Her hair is also unusually long and thick compared to that of humans.
  • Race: Tamaranean
  • Identity: Public identity
  • Citizenship: Tamaranean
  • Place of Birth:Tamaran
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Occupations: Adventurer, warrior, fashion model; former Teen Titan, former member of the Justice League, former Princess of Tamaran
  • Known Relatives: King Myand'r (father, deceased), Queen Luand'r (mother, deceased), Queen Komand'r (sister a.k.a. Blackfire), Ryand'r (brother a.k.a. Darkfire), Prince Karras (first husband, deceased), General Ph'yzzon (second husband, deceased)

Other Versions

Kingdom Come

Roughly 20 years into the future of the DC Universe, a glimpse of Starfire's potential future life was revealed thanks to the Kingdom Come continuity. In this future, the heroes of the DCU were scarce and more violent than their predecessors. They often chose to resort to brute force and murder in order to stop criminals and crime as a whole. The continuity gave glimpses into the lives of many heroes of the past, and Starfire's was one of them.

In this future, Starfire eventually married Dick Grayson and they had a daughter named Mar'i Grayson. The family apparently lived together quite happily until Starfire suffered a tragic death, leaving Dick to bring up their daughter himself. As she grew to adulthood, Mar'i developed superhuman abilities similar to Starfire's. She eventually became the heroine Nightstar, with her appearance, costume, and code name combining elements of both her father and mother.


Starfire from flashpoint
Starfire from flashpoint

In the altered timeline of Flashpoint, Starfire still came to Earth though the Teen Titans appeared to never have existed here. As many other female heroes and villains, Starfire sided with Wonder Woman and the Amazons during the Themysciran-Atlantean War. She is first seen as being part of an Amazon war party that had been dispatched into Eastern Europe to recover the Helmet of Nabu, currently in the hands of Kent Nelson who's traveling with a circus. During the attack on the circus, Dick Graysons parents are killed and Kent is fatally wounded, but manages to pass on the helmet to Dick, Count Vertigo and a reluctant Boston Brand before he dies. Starfire is sent after Dick and Brand as they try to escape with the helmet, following them into a rail yard where one of her starbolts detonates a fuel tank, killing herself and Brand, leaving Dick to become Dr. Fate.

Other Media


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)

Starfire in Batman/Superman: Public Enemy
Starfire in Batman/Superman: Public Enemy

Starfire had a cameo role in this direct-to-video animated feature, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based on DC's Superman/Batman comic book series. Unlike the relatively childlike Cartoon Network version, this animated Starfire resembled the grown-up version in the comic books, with the same voluptuous figure and revealing costume. She did not have a speaking role, but her battle cries and grunts of exertion while in combat were voiced by actress Jennifer Hale.

Batman: Bad Blood

Starfire makes a cameo, making a phone call to Nightwing, who is in the middle of a Fight with Blockbuster. She is trying to arrange a date with him. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High

Starfire as a student from Superhero High
Starfire as a student from Superhero High

Starfire is among the heroes of being brainwashed by Granny Goodness. After she gets free, Starfire fights against the Female Furies. She has no lines in the movie.

DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year

Starfire star blast
Starfire star blast

Starfire is among the heroes that protect the Super Hero High against the Shadows of Eclipso. She is voiced by Hynden Walch.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Starfire drying her hair
Starfire drying her hair

Starfire is one of the main characters in the film, voiced by Kari Wahlgren. She is the leader of the Team and receives Robin (Damian Wayne) when Batman sends him to be part of the team.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Starfire from Judas Contract the movie
Starfire from Judas Contract the movie

Starfire is a main character in the film, she is voiced by Kari Wahlgren. At the beginning of the film, there is a flashback showing the arrival of Starfire to Earth. and her first encounter with the Titans. In present day, she is still the leader of the team and has a romantic relationship with Nightwing. The two of them starts living together, though Starfire has some insecurities about her leadership role when Dick is there because she believes everyone is looking at him as the leader.

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

Sister Funtime
Sister Funtime

Starfire is one of the main characters in the film. She is thrilled to participate in the Intergalactic Games because she will meet with her sister, Blackfire. Upon her arrival, Blackfire shows nothing but disdain for her sister, thinking her way of living (especially being a teammate with non powered heroes) is a shame to her family. The sisters made a pact: If Super Hero High wins, Blackfire will have to be more in touch with her sister, even sharing a day together.

If Korugar academy wins, Starfire must join her sister. Starfire is present in the fight against the Female Furies and battles them under Big Barda orders. In the games, she has to team up with Supergirl against Blackfire and Bleez.They start at the top of the competition but ditch the game to save some citizens during a fire in Metropolis, losing the game. When Lena Luthor attacks, Starfire ask her sister for help, and she stays behind (As she doesn´t follow Principal Sinestro orders to retreat) to aid the heroes. They discover that if the two of the hold hands they can combine her powers into a powerful blast due to their sister bond. They team up again against Brainiac. Alongside Supergirl, Green Lantern, and Bumblebee, they supercharge Platinum to give her power to defeat the villain. After the battle, Blackfire must return to Korugar, fully aware that she will face detention for disobeying Sinestro, but she delays her return so the sisters can spend some time together.

Teen Titans Troube In Tokyo

Starfire from her 200's animated series
Starfire from her 200's animated series

Trouble in Tokyo was a a tie end movie to the popular show Teen Titans. It folows the team Titans to Tokyo where they have to stop a super villain. Moreover, This is also the movie where Robin and Starfire finally shared a kiss. Many fans were "shipping" Starfire and Robins despite them having just simmingly friendship.

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Starfire
Teen Titans Go! To The Movies Starfire

Raven is a major character in the movie, Teen Titans Go To The Movies. When every superhero is getting his or her own movie, Robin naturally wanted a movie to be made about him. He and his team (Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Cyborg) go to Hollywood, Warner Bros headquarters to pitch his movie idea. However, he is rejected by the movie director who told him no because he is not a real Superhero. Raven suggested that in order to be viewed as a real Hero, he needed an arch enemy, someone who would dedicate himself to pursuing Robin. Later that day, they met Slade and fought him. (watch the whole movie for more information regarding Starfire's role in the movie.)


Teen Titans Animated Series (2003 - 2006)

TT Starfire
TT Starfire

Starfire was one of the main characters in this Cartoon Network series and was voiced by actress Hynden Walsh. She shared many similarities with her comic book counterpart, including strong friendships with her teammates, especially Dick Grayson, who still has the identity of Robin in the series. Her story arc also incorporated many aspects of her comic book history, including adjusting to being an alien on Earth, her responsibilities as a Tamaranean princess, and her antagonistic relationship with her villainous sister Blackfire. Her romance with Robin was only hinted at in the series, with Starfire harboring an awkward crush on the Boy Wonder and getting jealous if any other girl got too close to him.

There were some notable differences between the animated Starfire and her original comic book counterpart. Her character was much more childlike and naive than the warrior princess of the comics. Because the show is geared towards children, she was not voluptuous like in the comics; instead she resembles a slender teenage girl and her costume design was accordingly far more modest. She herself is also shown to be far more modest than her comic counterpart, shown particularly in the New Teen Titans clip where the team is forced into looks from different eras. When put into the skimpy 80's outfit of her counterpart she covers herself with her hair (her hair also changes to resemble her counterparts) and exclaims "seriously, are you kidding me?!" Her eyes were more human-like in appearance, featuring whites, green irises, and black pupils. They turned completely green only when she was angry or using her powers, at which point they glowed with energy. Her "starbolts" were green in color, matching her eyes, rather than the pink, yellow, or red hue usually seen in the comics. After her Chrysalis transformation, she learned how to project starbolt beams from her eyes which comes in handy when her hands are incapacitated.

The animated Starfire had the power of flight, but unlike in the comics, she could only achieve flight when thinking happy thoughts. Without a happy thought, she was bound to Earth's gravity just like an average human. Also unlike her comic book counterpart, her hair did not leave a comet-like trail of energy when flying. These changes to her powers and character can largely be subscribed that she had to act as an opposite of Raven, who had to keep her feelings under strict control at all times while also being the most distant which is demonstrated in how the two act in the episode "Switched", where they end up in each others bodies and have to save their friends. Where Raven spends the time being initially without any abilities at all and Starfire constantly blowing things up. The episode also serves as the founding point for the friendship between the two, where they start to look past their differences.

Teen Titans Go!

TTG Starfire
TTG Starfire

Starfire is one of the main characters in the show. she is very easy going. She can be seen laughing, pranking, dancing around with her teammates. She wears the same costume that she wore in the original teen tians run. Meaning that she dresses in a purple and gray two-piece suit. The top half is a strapless/ sleeveless top with a necklace which covers her chest, while the bottom section is a miniskirt. She has grey gauntlets, and tall purple boots with stars on the soles and white thigh socks underneath. Personality wise, she is very sweet, caring, understanding, loyal, and fun. Overall, she is a very positive person. The art of TTG changes very often and sometimes the characterlooks change drastically.

DC Super Hero Girls

Starfire from DC super Hero Girls
Starfire from DC super Hero Girls

Starfire is a regular in the webisode, DC Super Hero Girls. She has had many episodes centered around her, and she is voiced by Hynden Walch.


Starfire from the trailer Titans
Starfire from the trailer Titans

Starfire will be one of the main characters in the upcoming web series, Titans by DC universe. The series is written by Geoff Johns and will be directed by Lennart Ruff. She will be played by Anna Diop in the series. She will co-star alongside her teammates from the Teen Titans, Hawk, Dove, Raven, Robin, Beast Boy, etc.

Video Games

Teen Titans for Game Boy Advance (2005)

Starfire in Teen Titans GB Advance
Starfire in Teen Titans GB Advance

Starfire was a playable character in this video game, based directly on the Teen Titans animated series. Longtime Titans enemy Brother Blood was the featured enemy in the game's storyline.

Teen Titans Console Game (2006)

Starfire in Teen Titans Console Game
Starfire in Teen Titans Console Game

Starfire was also a playable character in this game title, once again based on the Teen Titans animated series. She is the best long-range fighter on the team, with her starbolts being potent weapons that can knock out enemies from across the screen.

DC Universe Online (2011)

DC Universe Online Starfire
DC Universe Online Starfire

Starfire appears as a non-player hero character in Sony Online Entertainment's online role-playing game, DC Universe Online. In the game, players design their own characters to operate within the DC Universe. Like most existing DC heroes appearing in the game, Starfire usually assists hero-aligned players while opposing players aligned with the game's villains. However, she sometimes appears in missions on the villain side, and both hero and villain players must battle Starfire when involved in the game's Trigon/Raven quest storyline. Later on during the Flash orientated DLC she becomes one of the roaming targets of evil orientated players for a repeatable quest where she is normally found in Metropolis. Starfire is voiced by Megan Hollingshead in the game.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 Starfire
Injustice 2 Starfire

Starfire is a DLC character in the critically acclaim video game by NetherRealm Studios, Injustice 2. In this game, she is voiced by Kari Wahlgren whom has previously voiced her in both Justice League vs. Teen Titans and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract movies.

DC Legends

Starfire from DC Legends
Starfire from DC Legends

Starfire is one of the many DC characters in the mobile game, DC Legends.

Lego Dimensions: Teen Titans Go!

Starfire from Lego Dimensions
Starfire from Lego Dimensions

Starfire is a recurring character in the video game "Lego Dimensions: Teen Titans Go!" The plot of the game is based on the Teen Titans Go tv show.

Lego Batman 3

Starfire from Lego Batman 3
Starfire from Lego Batman 3

Starfire is one of countless characters in this game.

Tiny Titans

Tiny Titans Starfire
Tiny Titans Starfire

To celebrate the release of Teen Titans Go to the Movies, Cartoon Network, DC, and Warner Bros announced a Teen Titans video games for android. It is free to dowload.

Popular Recognition

  • IGN's Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics (2013 list): Starfire ranked #21
  • Comics Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list: Starfire ranked #20

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