Ursa Major

Ursa Major

Ursa Major is a Russian mutant that transforms into a giant bear. He becomes a valuable member of the Soviet Super Soldiers and the Winter Guard.



...To Hunt the Hulk! #258


Mikhail Uriokovitch Ursus Great Beast Great Bear Большой Медведь (Balshoy Medvyed)


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Ursa Major transforming back into human form.
Ursa Major transforming back into human form.

Mikhail Ursus was one of the first known mutants born in the Soviet Union in the 20th Century to survive past childhood. Up until the time of his birth, the Soviet government had been performing euthanasia on all mutants at the first manifestation of their superhuman powers. The government was made to see the potential value of superhumans serving the state due to the efforts of scientist Pieter Phobos.

Phobos opened a private school to train mutants and Mikhail was one of the first of many mutants to join the school. Unknown to the students and the government, Phobos had built a device to siphon the energy from his students to give himself artificial powers. The process was killing many students and Phobos would explain their deaths to the Soviet government as training casualties. Phobos had three students left, Mikhail and two siblings, Laynia Petrovna and Nikolai Krylenko who later be known as Darkstar and Vanguard when the second Red Guardian discovered Phobos's activities. Phobos went into hiding but gave two totems to Laynia and Nikolai so he could still siphon their powers. Mikhail and Nikolai would join the Soviet army for a brief time.


Ursa Major was created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema in 1981 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 258.

Mayor Story Arcs

Soviet Hero

Ursa Major and the Hulk take down Phobos.
Ursa Major and the Hulk take down Phobos.

After certain field work, the three remaining mutants from Phobos's school would be reunited by the Soviet government and become the Soviet Super Soldiers. Ursus was given the code name Ursa Major and one of their first assignments was to investigate the contained radioactive area of Khystym known as the Forbidden Zone. They discovered that their former teacher was planning to radioactively contaminate all of the Soviet Union in order to foster the birth of more mutants so he can eventually siphon off their powers. The plan was thwarted by the Soviet Super Soldiers and the Hulk. Phobos was brought to the government to stand trial.

The Soviet Super Soldiers
The Soviet Super Soldiers

The Soviet Super Soldiers resolved to remain together as a team but vowed to never again unquestioningly serve the state. They existed as a quasi-independent band of crime fighters based in the Soviet Union. As a member of the Soviet Super Soldiers, Ursa Major would face various enemies. The Super Soldiers would team up with the spaceknights Rom and Starshine against the Dire Wraiths. His team would also battle the X-Men and the Avengers over the mutant, Magneto. Ursa Major, Vanguard and Darkstar would defect to America and are nearly killed by the Supreme Soviets when they disguise themselves as the Avengers. The Soviet Super Soldiers would eventually disband and merge with members of the Supreme Soviets to form the Winter Guard. Ursa Major is currently a member of the Winter Guard.

Winter Guards

Ursa Major vs the Snow Leopards.
Ursa Major vs the Snow Leopards.

The Winter Guard would fight a group of superhuman Soviet revolutionaries called Remont Six. This group is led by Iron Maiden and they come into conflict with the Guard when they raid an AIM facility. Ursa Major would fight the Snow Leopards and Volga. The Winter Guard prevail and defeat the Remont Six.

Powers & Abilities

Ursa Major gives Wolverine a bear hug.
Ursa Major gives Wolverine a bear hug.

Ursa Major has the ability to transform into a large anthropomorphic bear. The transformation takes about 10 seconds and Ursa Major possesses superhuman strength in bear form. He can lift about 15 tons in bear form and has the reflexes, stamina and resistance to injury of an adult Siberian bear. Ursa Major also retains his human intelligence and the ability to speak in bear form. Ursa Major can maul his opponents with his sharp claws and a powerful bite.

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